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DiabeTrust: Best Nutritionist for Diabetes To Help You Reverse It

At DiabeTrust, we understand the challenges of living with diabetes. Our primary goal is to enhance an individual's lifestyle with proper nutritional management for the condition. Transform your health with our healthy approach and personalized nutrition plans. 

Achieve Your Diabetes Wellness

Our team of registered dietician for diabetes specialize in providing personalized eating plans that match your unique needs, preferences, and health goals. Your diet plan is curated under expert diabetes nutrition guidance. Let us help you make informed food choices to achieve sustainable weight loss and thrive with diabetes. 

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Healthy Eating, Better Control

Experience improved energy, reduced complications, and better quality of life with our holistic approach and support.


At Diabetrust, our diabetes nutritionist is dedicated to providing customized, personalized nutrition therapy to manage your conditions and concerns. We deliver a comprehensive approach that primarily focuses on empowering every individual with diabetes to make informed and correct choices about diet and lifestyle. Ultimately, this leads to better blood sugar control and enhanced overall health and well-being. Meet Neha Singh, M.Sc Food and Nutrition, she is a compassionate dietitian armed with specialized AIIMS training devoted to guiding individuals toward reversing diabetes through personalized nutrition therapy.


Neha's holistic approach involves investigating the root cause to determine the symptoms and the underlying causes. She has leadership qualities with the aim to empower clients to adopt lasting and healthier lifestyle changes. Neha ensures she crafts bespoke nutrition plans with her expertise to manage and potentially reverse diabetes. Join Neha at Diabetrust to seize control of your health and embark on a journey towards holistic well-being. Her mission is straightforward, as we want everyone with diabetes to have access to expert guidance and support to help them navigate their unique dietary needs. Our commitment to achieving excellence is what sets us apart. Diabetrust is committed to providing individualised and evidence-oriented diet therapy.

Get Started Today

Are you ready to take control of your health and transform your relationship with food and diabetes? Schedule your consultation with the renowned dietitian for diabetes today. Together, we will develop a better approach to reverse your diabetes.



​Here at Diabetrust, we understand that managing diabetes is not just the process of counting or limiting carbs; it is more about adopting a holistic approach to nutrition and lifestyle. However, eating well plays a vital role in controlling diabetes. However, a good diet for diabetes includes durable and wholesome food options that are fulfilling and may permanently adapt to daily life. Our dietitian for people with diabetes ensures you recognise the significance of controlling your blood sugar level and allows you to enjoy tasty cuisine. With Diabetrust, explore a new world of delicious and diabetes-friendly choices. To find out more, get in touch with us right away.

What are the Results of a Diabetes Diet?

We are here to help you embrace your healthy eating plan, which is the best way to control your blood glucose level and prevent diabetes complications.

Your time. Your terms.


At Diabetrust, we offer customized meal planning and recipe development services to help you create delicious, balanced meals tailored to your dietary needs and preferences.

Our experienced dietitians and nutritionists provide one-on-one consultations and counselling to assess your current diet, lifestyle, and health status and develop personalised nutrition plans to help you manage your diabetes effectively.

Our nutritionist and diabetes expert help and support you in tracking and managing your blood sugar level in the most effective and convenient manner. Our technique is unique, and we adjust your dietary patterns appropriately as needed. 

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Our Top Rated Instructor

We pride ourselves on educating, inspiring, and empowering everyone. We believe in a holistic approach to optimal living and considers other wellness factors such as sleep, exercise, environmental exposures, and stress levels to create an individualized nutrition plan. We do not believe in gimmicks or starvation plans.

Our mission is to bring whole foods to your plate and nourishment to your soul by providing you with the right tools and knowledge to lead a healthy and happy life. We Believe People who embark on this journey are the ones who believe in God and ultimately believe in themselves.

Neha Sharma

Neha Singh

M.Sc. (clinical nutritionist and dietetics) 

trained from AIIMS, Nw 


“The Boost I Needed.”


“Best Dietician
You Can Find Online.”


“Never Felt like I am on Diet.”


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“I cannot express enough gratitude for the incredible support and guidance I received from Neha Singh. She made the entire process of diabetes management manageable and enjoyable.
  • How can personalised nutrition therapy help manage diabetes?
    Personalised diet therapy from healthcare professionals and certified dietitians plays a major role when it comes to the management of diabetes. Your customised dietary recommendations for every individual's needs, preferences, and health goals will help you access a quality life with a positive response to diabetes reversal. You can better control the blood sugar level to enhance overall health and reduce the risk factors associated with diabetes complications.
  • What makes Diabetrust's approach to diabetes nutrition unique?
    Diabetrust's approach to diabetes management is very different from others. We emphasise a holistic process and ensure that we address both the symptoms and underlying causes. We focus on the root cause with the help of customised nutrition plans that will surely enhance your lifestyle.
  • Can diabetes be reversed through nutrition therapy?
    Yes, the right holistic approach, under the guidance of a registered dietitian and following their diet plan, will reverse conditions like diabetes. As we know, diabetes is an overall lifestyle disorder, and your healthcare experts will help resolve dietary modifications.
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