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Non Pharmalogical Methods for Diabetes- Alternate To Insulin

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Non Pharmalogical Methods for Diabetes

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It's true that that Non Pharmalogical Methods for Diabetes can control your blood sugar levels without insulin. Yes, you heard it right type 2 diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise. Instead of lot of medication and insulin. But doing so is not simple; you must adhere to a rigid schedule and consult your doctor and dietician. They will create guidelines based on your unique needs and requirements. These guidelines when followed strictly will give results even without using any kind of medication or insulin. This is a difficult path, but it will prove fruitful.

Type 2 Diabetes: What does it Mean to You?

The global prevalence of diabetes mellitus, also known as type 2 diabetes, is increasing. Despite the fact that it is not contagious but affects blood glucose levels. Millions of people are diagnosed with this disease each year, primarily due to lifestyle choices, genetics, obesity, and other factors.

Furthermore, diabetes is a major cause of numerous other diseases. Like, an increased risk of heart failure and renal damage. Due to the advancement of medical technologies, we have a lot of medication available in the market that is useful or helpful in dealing with diabetes. However, the best way is non pharmacological methods for diabetes control without insulin.

Non Pharmalogical Methods for Diabetes Control

Non Pharmalogical Methods for Diabetes

Studies show that the patient with type 2 diabetes has increased tremendously over the decade. The best way to overcome or get rid of this unwanted disease is physical activity. The research validates our fact further. It shows that physical activity enhances the blood glucose control in the body, which ultimately helps in diabetes management. But the question here is, which kind of non-pharmacological activities are essential to being fit and managing diabetes?

So the answer is any aerobic activity like dancing, yoga, cycling, walking, swimming, and weight lifting, etc will help in regulating blood glucose levels. Also, it will control the blood pressure of your body.

Dietary changes or nutrition are necessary to avoid the need for insulin or other medication.

What exactly do you have to eat? The answer is a very simple Whole food plant-based diet for diabetes prevention. These foods have enormous fiber, less carbohydrates, and is packed with vitamins and minerals.

Adhering to a strict diet can help you address lifestyle issues and eliminate the need for prescription drugs. Therefore, according to doctors and nutritionists, you should eat more whole grains, fiber, and green leafy vegetables in your diet. And avoid processed foods and drinks that include artificial sweeteners. Since, these can be quite hazardous to diabetes patients.

Plant-based Nutrition Tips for Managing Diabetes

Plant Based Nutrition Tips For Diabetic

The vegetarian diet or plant-based diet is best for diabetic patients. It helps to lowering your body's cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar level, LDL, etc. Further, it helps prevent heart stroke, which consequently happen if you have diabetes.In order to live a healthy life without taking medication. It is highly suggested that people with type 2 diabetes maintain a plant-based diet.

Following a vegetarian diet or becoming one after being diagnosed with diabetes has the following list of advantages:

Consumption of Saturated fat

 Most animal fat contains saturated fat in high quantities, and even if you eat less, the fat intake is comparatively high than plant-based diet.

Control your Body Mass

Plant-based diets are high in fiber and low in calories. They also help you feel full for extended periods of time and eventually maintain a healthy body mass index.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Because of the high fiber, vitamins, and minerals contained in plant-based foods, it helps slow the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream.

There are many low-carb diet recipes for diabetic patients available, but with Diabetrust, you receive a personalized diet plan designed just for you. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to take advantage of the best low-carb diet, which is very healthy and relieves the everyday pain of insulin intake.

Success Stories of Diabetes Control through Plant-Based Eating

Thousands of success stories of who say they reversed their diabetes by only following non pharmacological methods for diabetes. One of them is James Cameron, a famous filmaker, he had a family history of diabetes. To keep it under control, he followed plant based diet to control diabetes and maintain overall health. Amitabh Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Rekha are some Bolllywood celebrities who followed the similar approach.

So, instead of just taking insulin and eating pills every day, trust Diabetrust to create a personalized meal plan just for you and your loved ones, and watch the incredible outcomes. Since information is the foundation of any path, all you need to live a healthier life is proper guidance.


Q) Is it possible to cure type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes does not currently have a cure; however, research and studies indicate that there is a strong likelihood of diabetes reversal with a healthy diet and exercise regimen. These plant-based nutrition tips for managing diabetes will help you maintain your body mass index and, in general, lowers your blood glucose levels. Your liver and pancreas correctly release insulin as a result of fat reduction, which is the main cause of your body's general blood sugar regulation. The best non pharmacological methods for diabetes management is building healthy lifestyle.

Q) How long will it take to reverse diabetes completely, or will we survive without medicine or insulin?

The first question that many have before starting a diet and exercise programme is, "How long must I follow it?" The answer is clear : it's not something that can be begun today and wrap up tomorrow; rather, it's a gradual process that takes time to start working properly. For this reason, if you want to live a long and healthy life, you must make diet and exercise a habit.

Q) Can I still eat the foods I love with diabetes?

Yes, after your diabetes is under control, you can eat your favorite foods, but only in moderation. You can't just eat anything after observing a brief improvement in your condition.

Q) What plant based cereals I can add in my diet to manage sugar spike?

The best breakfast cereals for Type 2 Diabetes are Quinoa, buckwheat, millet. All these breakfast cereals diabetes will improve your fiber intake and keep sudden blood sugar spike in check.


Neha Singh- Dietician for Diabetes

Neha Singh, MSc in Nutrition, is a dedicated Diabetes Diet Consultant with a passion to improve the health of the patients through her personalized meal plans. She has done internship with AIIMS, focusing on diabetes management and nutritional therapy. Now, a full time dietician, Neha is committed to help you achieve optimal health


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